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What We Do

Market Research

Market research to identify American companies’ needs and preferences to help ASEAN countries tailor their investment promotions to better meet those needs. This research includes data on the size and growth of target industries, as well as the investment preferences of American companies.

Investment promotion agencies

Investment promotion agencies (IPAs) help ASEAN countries coordinate their investment promotion efforts and provide a single point of contact for American companies. These IPAs provide information and assistance to American companies on investment opportunities, regulatory requirements, and other investment-related matters.

Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions that help ASEAN countries promote their investment opportunities to European and American companies. These events provide a platform for ASEAN countries to showcase their investment opportunities, meet with Western companies, and build relationships.

Investment missions

Investment missions that help ASEAN countries promote their investment opportunities to American companies. These missions include visits to the United States by ASEAN officials and business leaders, as well as visits to ASEAN by Western companies.

Investment guides and brochures

Investment guides and brochures that help ASEAN countries provide Western companies with detailed information on investment opportunities and the investment climate in ASEAN. These guides and brochures are distributed at trade shows, exhibitions, and investment missions.

Business Matchmaking Services

Business matchmaking services that help ASEAN countries bring American companies together with local businesses and government officials. These services help Western companies explore investment opportunities and develop relationships with local firms.

Online Promotion

Online promotion on websites and social media, help ASEAN countries reach a wider audience of American companies. These platforms are used to promote investment opportunities, provide information on the investment climate, and connect American companies with local firms.

Strategic Partnership Facilitation

Strategic partnership facilitation with American companies help ASEAN countries promote their investment opportunities and build relationships with American firms. These partnerships involve joint ventures, strategic alliances, and other forms of collaboration.