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ASEAN Institute

The ASEAN Institute facilitates international and intergovernmental trade collaborations in the niches of technology, energy, and infrastructure in the ASEAN trade bloc nations of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The primary strategies that we facilitate are intended to open up productive channels for communication, technology transfer, and international trade

What We Do

Market Research

Market research to identify American companies’ needs and preferences to help ASEAN countries tailor their investment promotions to better meet those needs. This research includes data on the size and growth of target industries, as well as the investment preferences of American companies.

Investment promotion agencies

Investment promotion agencies (IPAs) help ASEAN countries coordinate their investment promotion efforts and provide a single point of contact for American companies. These IPAs provide information and assistance to American companies on investment opportunities, regulatory requirements, and other investment-related matters.

Trade shows and exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions that help ASEAN countries promote their investment opportunities to European and American companies. These events provide a platform for ASEAN countries to showcase their investment opportunities, meet with Western companies, and build relationships.

Investment missions

Investment missions that help ASEAN countries promote their investment opportunities to American companies. These missions include visits to the United States by ASEAN officials and business leaders, as well as visits to ASEAN by Western companies.

Investment guides and brochures

Investment guides and brochures that help ASEAN countries provide Western companies with detailed information on investment opportunities and the investment climate in ASEAN. These guides and brochures are distributed at trade shows, exhibitions, and investment missions.

Business Matchmaking Services

Business matchmaking services that help ASEAN countries bring American companies together with local businesses and government officials. These services help Western companies explore investment opportunities and develop relationships with local firms.

East-West Commercial Collaborations

Streamlining regulations

Streamlining regulations that reduce the administrative burden and costs faced by Western companies operating in ASEAN. This can be achieved through measures such as reducing the number of required permits and licenses, simplifying procedures, and reducing processing times.

Enhancing digital connectivity

Enhancing digital connectivity by Investing in digital infrastructure and promoting the adoption of digital technologies help improve the ease of doing business in ASEAN. This includes improving access to high-speed internet, promoting the use of electronic payment systems, and developing e-government services.

Unifying Stakeholders

Enhancing economic integration

Enhancing economic integration among ASEAN member states reduces trade barriers and increase economic cooperation within the region. This can be achieved through measures such as harmonizing regulations and standards, removing trade barriers, and establishing a common market.

Promoting trade liberalization

Promoting trade liberalization increases exports and attracts foreign investment to ASEAN. This can be achieved through measures such as negotiating trade agreements with other countries, reducing trade barriers, and encouraging the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Expanding ASEAN Member Reach

The ASEAN Institute works with public and private sector stakeholders to expand market access for the ASEAN trade bloc members, and for the United States and Europe. This can play a key role in boosting economic growth, promoting trade and investment, and enhancing the competitiveness of the region. Here are some key strategies being employed to achieve this goal:

Improving trade facilitation

Improving trade facilitation measures, such as reducing customs procedures, improving port efficiency, and streamlining the flow of goods, help reduce trade costs, increase competitiveness, and enhance market access.

ASEAN Carbon Neutral Initiative

Reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental sustainability are critical challenges faced by the ASEAN trade bloc. The following are some of the collaborations the ASEAN Institute facilitates for regional stakeholders:

The ASEAN Institute Accelerator

The ASEAN Institute Accelerator is a critical initiative aimed at promoting the growth and success of technology and business services companies in the ASEAN region. With a focus on promoting inclusiveness and collaboration between these companies and American and European companies, the ASEAN Institute Accelerator offers a wide range of services and support to help companies reach their full potential.

One key way that the ASEAN Institute Accelerator helps companies to engage with American and European companies is through trade missions. These missions provide a unique opportunity for companies to showcase their products and services, and to engage in meaningful discussions and negotiations with American and European stakeholders.